Do you have difficulty visualising how your new home, extension, renovation, kitchen or bathroom design will look? Are you finding it difficult to relate your architectural plans and elevations to 3D reality? HomeSight's services allow you to view your new project digitally in 3D prior to embarking on the expensive build stage of your project. This can help minimise costly variations during the build stage as it allows you to identify problems before work commences. In addition, if you place the 2D snapshots on your phone or tablet and carry them with you as you shop for furnishings, lighting, window treatments etc, it can be an invaluable aid when making your selections.

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Explore your project in 3D from different angles, exterior and interior. Get a real sense of space and appreciate the flow from one area to another.


If required, we can provide you with a walk-through animation through your 3D model. This is provided in MP4 file format.


2D snapshot images taken in various positions in and around your 3D model are part of the service. 2D images can be supplied to you in architectural format, with colours and textures, as well as in photo realistic format.